Phineas Case for Raspberry Pi 4

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The Phineas Case was designed for massive passive cooling in a clean modern design.  It fits all Raspberry Pi 4B models including the new 8GB version! There are precision and threaded holes on the bottom of this case for mounting to DIN rail or bolting to other assemblies.  We also engineered the case with 2.5mm holes that allow the PWR and ACT LEDs to be clearly seen!  The case has an opening allowing the GPIO 40 pin ribbon cable to pass out the side.  The CPU, RAM and USB controller are all heat sunk to the housing.  The Phineas Case is fully CNC machined from 6061 aerospace aluminum and includes all Stainless Steel hardware.

Features include...

  • MASSIVE Passive cooling performance even when overclocked.
  • Clean Modern Design
  • Assembly bolts are on the bottom and hidden for an even cleaner appearance.
  • PWR and ACT LEDs are visible.
  • 75mm x 100mm outside dimensions
  • 44mm overall height without feet attached.  Feet add 1.4mm
  • All Metric dimensions and hole spacing
  • 12 holes threaded to M4 x 0.7
  • DIN rail mountable with 3.2mm holes to match rail clips (Phoenix Contact P/N 1201578.  sold separately)
  • Improved access to SD card.
  • Slot for GPIO 40 pin cable.
  • External surface area of approximately 547 cm2
  • Hefty construction weighing approximately 323g without the Pi mounted and 369g fully assembled.

Included in the kit...

  • Phineas Case to fit the Raspberry Pi model 4B
  • Allen Wrench for assembly
  • (4) Stick on feet for the bottom
  • (4) M4 Stainless Socket Head Cap Screws
  • (4) 2-56 Stainless Philips head screws to attach the board internally
  • (1) Piece of thermal interface material for use on 2GB Boards
  • Heat Sink Compound
  • Instructions

A Philips head screw driver is required to complete assembly.

Customer Reviews

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John Rivera
Insane Cooling

My pi has never seen a temp over 40c since it's install. Ludicrous overkill cooling that's totally bad ass and super shiny!


Beautiful and practical what else can I say.