Tube Clock Plane of Bend tool

Regular price $100.00

This tool is a must for any machine shop or fabrication shop!  If you have a Pro 360 / Pro 3600 style digital protractor manufactured by Mitutoyo, SPI, and other brands, then you need this to unlock the potential of your digital unit. This tool makes it easy to set the plane of bend zero reference and properly locate bend rotation in tube and bar bending and drilling applications.

This tool is made to fit the Pro 360 / Pro 3600 style digital protractors manufactured by Mitutoyo, SPI, and other brands.  Your Protractor must have 6-32 or M3x0.5 tapped holes on the bottom with 4.125" or 105mm spacing.  We include the mounting  hardware for both sizes with every tube clock.

Not compatible with magnet bottom protractors.

Features include:

  • Anodized Aluminum body and handle
  • Hardened steel clamp screw
  • Tube and bar capacity of 0.500" to 2.000"
  • Wide body for solid clamping
  • Open bottom for easy attach and detach
  • Bottom V groove to allow standard protractor use on rounds
  • Bottom is parallel with top of the unit
  • Flat side square to the top of the unit